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Vexing Haiku
the milky sky floats
over an ocean of blood
the sun is confused

the melancholy
truly leads to cowardice
and then to anger

the golden boy shines
over a river of snow
celeste divided

darkness lurks below
the sky grows red with warning
trapped is the gold bird

the box in a box
and envy consumed by rage
the moon looks eastward

arrows leading east
lion's share captured by red
lone star shines out west

the moon eats the star
the verdant valley below
snowstorm on the coast

diamond and diamond
twenty five captures the four
eponymous sign

the ship's lowest part
hope for a winner's ribbon
unlucky circle

the weight of the sun
borne by the golden eagle
hearts go up and down

the skin crossed six times
peace and peace at a junction
the hanging seven

a star in the south
dozen points below the line
yellow divides blue

the red triangle
is eaten by the others
golden ring of leaves

westward bound she sails
the cowardly lions wait
euskara cornered

golden pentagram
sits in a pond in a field
limes lemons cherries

crown above the cross
the keys of gold and silver
tassel hangs below

the ocean points east
six gold stars arching over
one tree stands alone

twelve gold triangles
the sun shines in the northwest
parallel white rails

a fork in the road
ferns emerge from the darkness
twisted tusk of gold

flowing east to west
full moon over the river
bloodshed up and down

bird of paradise
five sisters bearing the cross
northeast to southwest

one tree stands in light
thicket forest left and right
apex points to north

three angles no box
star above the slivered moon
the red guiding east

three legged dolmen
in a sea of unchilled wine
bathed in morning sun

wheel of twenty four
nearby the field of saffron
the opposites in peace

three legged creature
running right for victory
without face of stone

four stars in the east
among imperialist shades
the eight radiate

mountain on mountain
the smaller tops the bigger
the sky changes hue

the general stands tall
eighty nine marries eighteen
bound by golden ring

sits the crown of gold
lost somewhere in cotton fields
seven stars above

snowfall from cold land
in to the bounded ocean
above which is dead

the dragon slayer
martyred on the cross of blood
a part of the whole

the north sea shimmers
ebony and ivory by
vexing nevermore

Discovered near an old stone house in the countryside outside Philadelphia.

Translated 30 Apr 2005 -- Sir Braemoor