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Thanks to contributing stamp carvers: Team Green Dragon, Lightin' Bug, MagicalMusicMan, MizScarlet, Hikers & Hounds, Sheba, and Pink Panther.

Special thanks to True Indigo and Pink Panther.

Credit unknown for orunner and relay team photos on the main page.

The Zandor Codex is of unknown origin.

Some web furniture graphics and styles scavenged from the 'Net. Well, in all honesty, prolly more than some. What are you gonna do? LIfe is hard, and time is short.

An image used in McBrae Chapter 8 borrowed from

Some images used in McBrae Chapter 13 scavenged from the 'Net. Two of the puzzles adapted from the work of Henry Ernest Dudeney. The bear puzzle is of unknown origin. Thanks to my late uncle Harry, may he rest in peace, for his knowledge of aircraft carriers.

Flag gifs used on courtesy

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