Pea Patch Island

LOCATION:  Pea Patch Island, New Castle County, DE

CHALLENGE:  2 stars

DATE/NUMBER:  30-May-1999/8

MAP:  From the southwest corner of the floating building, head 328 degrees to a gun of yore, thence 68 degrees to a point about 10 feet east of a pyramid.

Thence 17 paces at 333 degrees to where the circle sits atop the arch. From there, spot a glimpse of daylight at 100 degrees and go to it. Look out, noting, but not visiting, the concrete thing-a-ma-bob at 25 degrees which we'll call Uncle Charlie. (Remember to keep in mind how compasses work, of course -- be careful).

Thence 16 paces against the direction of fire to where you might glimpse a door at bearing 140. From that door, note the pyramid at 286 degrees and then go 7 paces at 62 degrees, then take the narrow path at 162. As soon as you can, take bearing 236, burrowing basically in that direction until you see a place to climb.

Climb until you see a way to the east and head basically east to the place of three views. Choose the view of Uncle Charlie at 26 degrees. From that view, its 57 paces on bearing 220, going around obstacles, of course, to a corner of sorts, thence 57 more paces and 57 more degrees.

From your present position, 8 paces at 216 should give you a view of rock before the twins in that same direction. From that rock, go 191 paces at 333 degrees to a tree, where you will see its two friends at 270 and 240 degrees.

From where you're standing, its 146 paces at 56 degrees to a stump, thence basically north twice as many paces to a big ol' spready tree to your right. From there, 32 paces on bearing 204 leads to the remains of an even bigger tree, thence 18 paces at 98 degrees leads to a downed tree and V for victory.

NOTE 1:  Off-trail walking is involved.

NOTE 2:  Public ferries to the island can be seasonal and limited.

NOTE 3:  Be wary of snakes and other wildlife when reaching into dark places. No need to dig for this box. All bearings magnetic unless otherwise noted. A pace is a long stride counted on a footfall of either foot, i.e. two paces are counted each time the right foot hits the ground. Be aware of if or when there is game hunting in the area.

NOTE 4:  Please re-hide the thing well just as you found it. Be discreet when stamping up; the area can get crowded.

DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT:  PERSONS USING THIS CLUE OR HUNTING THIS LETTERBOX DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. Do not hunt this letterbox without reading and agreeing to the waiver first. Children, do not hunt this letterbox without the supervision of an adult who has read and agreed to the waiver. Possession of this clue does not imply rights of access to particular lands and route choices, or the safety thereof, including the location of the box itself. Always observe current local regulations, signs, property rights, and customs; you are responsible for your actions. Clue not indended to be taken literally or to suggest route choices; route choices (and the choice to proceed at all), are your choice.
This clue and associated stamp art are copyright © 1999, by Randy Hall. Permission to reproduce for personal use granted; all other rights reserved.