Somewhere in Michigan

LOCATION:  Great Lakes Gathering


DATE/NUMBER:  31-May-2003/78


Can I tempt you to come with me
Be Devil may care fulfill your dream
If I said I'd take you there
Would you go would you be scared -- Iron Maiden

This box was created as my contribution to the "Visit Michigan" series put together by SpringChick. It will only be available at the Great Lakes Gathering, 31-May-03, after which I will place it somewhere in Michican, tho it might be quite some time before I do so.

It was actually eventually placed by a colleague as follows:

This is along the shore and we placed the box inside the base of the hollow tree that's in the last group on the left side of the picture - on the water side - not the sidewalk side.

NOTE 1:  I count this box as a "P". I created it, and the map is basically "find this other information and deal with it". I have mailed it off as a postal box, with the permission that the person who receives it is free to put it somewhere and describe that placement. If postal boxes count as P's, this counts a P. Now, more interesting is how the receiver counts. Since you need to create the stamp, clues, and place for a P, they should not count it as a P. But, if you receive a postal box, they would count it as an F!. So this box counts as an F for the person I send it to! This is also consistent with the "Conservation of Box Principle", which says the sum total of all boxes out there (plus missing ones) sums to the total P count of everyone. Unfortunately, this doesn't jibe with common sense. Perhaps the Conservation of Box Principle is wrong, e.g., if you revise your clues, placement, and stamp, you get another P, but the box remains, right? I of course don't agree with that, a box is like Beldin's Pants, so once created, it remains the same box even if all of this stuff changes. Thus, no one can ever get another P on Beldin's Box by my system (tho people have done so legitimately, how is another kettle of fish ... :-)). Thus, my PF counting system may not seem intuitive, but it is entirely logical and self-consistent, so I'm sticking with it.

Of course, the receiver in this case could argue for the P under the logic that they are simply obtaining stamp and hardware from me and are creating the series themselves. My Wordplay box is like this -- I received the stamp from someone else to place. Of course, in this case, I received the stamp, not a box, so I can count this as well. But this isn't the case here. They are receiving a box. Its up to the creator to deem what they have created, and in this case, its a postal box with permission to use it as they wish once received. Of course, I don't care how they count it, it is up to them -- I'm simply interested in this arcana as I enjoy disovering simple rules that anticipate all situations logically.

This box does not, however, count towards my "Q" count (boxes placed in different states), as no postal box, HH or the like can. For this count to go up, I must physically hide a new stationary box in the counted state.

DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT:  PERSONS USING THIS CLUE OR HUNTING THIS LETTERBOX DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. Do not hunt this letterbox without reading and agreeing to the waiver first. Children, do not hunt this letterbox without the supervision of an adult who has read and agreed to the waiver. Possession of this clue does not imply rights of access to particular lands and route choices, or the safety thereof, including the location of the box itself. Always observe current local regulations, signs, property rights, and customs; you are responsible for your actions. Clue not indended to be taken literally or to suggest route choices; route choices (and the choice to proceed at all), are your choice.
This stamp is copyright © 2003, by Randy Hall. Permission to reproduce for personal use granted; all other rights reserved.