My Wiz-War Cards, in Development

    BASKET (from set 4, I think).  Capacity needs to be NUMBER card played.
    This came up playtesting it.  (I don't think my son agrees; too bad).
    REACH THROUGH WALL (from set 4).  Also may reach through a wall to
    drop objects.
    [The following have been rejected cause I couldn't really get
    comfortable with them, like they didn't fit or something.
    Maybe in a future set, or revised, who knows?]
    CAULDRON (attack)
    Choose any object carried by any opponent; that object is the
    prize for the wizard who brews the strongest brew.  Wizards
    take turns adding or removing cards, face down, to their brew,
    or passing.  When all wizards pass, the CAULDRON is over and
    the brews are revealed.  Add points from NUMBER cards, damage
    spells, and damage objects to determine the brew's strength.
    AMPLIFY may apply to one other card in the brew. The wizard with
    the the strongest brew wins the object (if they cannot carry it, it
    drops in their space).  If there is a tie for highest, the object
    is retained.  Wizards may bluff by placing useless cards in their
    brew.  All cards used by all wizards are discarded.
    RIDE THE TIGER (neutral/counteraction)
    Gain life points equal to the difference of your starting
    quota and your current total.  However, upon normal expiry of the
    spell at the end of its duration, the total originally gained
    is dealt as magical damage.  This is not an ATTACK, but may
    be mitigated via damage-type COUNTERACTIONS.  If used as a
    COUNTERACTION, it applies before damage from the ATTACK is
    assessed.  Duration equals NUMBER card played.
    VIRUS (attack)
    Fill the entire dungeon with a nasty killer VIRUS that affects all
    wizards and creatures, including the caster.  All affected take one
    point of physical damage every time a Common Event occurs.
    Unless blocked by ABSORB SPELL when cast, the VIRUS is permanent,
    and will only be removed if the dungeon is FLOODED, or REMOVE CURSE
    is played, specifying the VIRUS as the target.