My Wiz-War Cards, Set 5
27-Dec-2012; revised 27-Dec-2012

    DUCK (counteraction)

    This spell may be cast in response to an LOS spell, or an LOS physical attack (generally a thrown object) targeted directly at you. The attack misses, and hits the next attackable thing in its path along the LOS line, which may be the attacker's own monsters or even the attacker himself in the case of sector wrap (the original attacker is still the attacker, and in this case an attack on himself is allowed). Note that this will not work on ADJACENT attacks, nor on such attacks as BUTT-HEAD and DISEASE. DUCK is considered an "escape" type counteraction.

    DON'T GO (attack/LOS)

    Opponent must remain in LOS for the duration of the spell, which includes refraining from leaving via spells such as TELEPORT. However, if LOS is involuntarily broken (including via spells such as BLIND), the spell is broken. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    GORGON (attack/LOS)

    Transforms hair of target (which may be yourself) into a hissing head of snakes. Whenever any wizard or creature moves into LOS with the GORGON (but not the other way around, and not if they are in LOS with the GORGON at the time the spell is cast), they are hit with a MEDUSA spell from the GORGON (for each instance of entering LOS per turn), with a duration equal to the remaining duration of the GORGON spell (these MEDUSA spells do not count against attack quotas). GORGONs may be safely seen through MIRRORs and via SCRYing, and will not be seen while BLIND. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    ANTI GRAVITY (neutral)

    Reverses the gravity in the dungeon so that all portable objects on the floor are now resting on the ceiling (TRADER et. al., will still work on them, however), and wizards and creatures walk along the ceiling. However, inanimate creations remain affixed to the floor, and may generally be avoided, except for those which fill the entire square (only those with FILL SQUARE in the title; the language on other cards notwithstanding). Note that treasures are not resting on home bases while this spell is in effect, nor may they be "dropped" there. This spell will not affect GLUEd objects, and objects may be GLUEd to the ceiling. GRAVITY and ANTI GRAVITY cancel each other. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    CREATE GATE (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a heavy, locked stone barred GATE in an empty edge. A GATE operates like a locked door, except that there is LOS through it. 10 points of damage will destroy a GATE. A GATE is considered a stone wall for the purposes of spells which work on walls or stone, but it is half the strength of one (e.g., a DESTROY WALL would do 2 points of collateral damage).

    BRAIN EXCHANGE (attack)

    Causes everyone to pass cards of their choice from their hand to the wizard to their left or right (caster chooses direction; everyone passes the chosen direction). Number of cards passed by each wizard equals NUMBER card played (those who don't have enough take a point of magical damage for each card they are short). Displayed cards may be used. ABSORB SPELL absorbs. FULL SHIELD avoids participation. Other counteractions generally have no effect.

    MAGIC POOL (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a MAGIC POOL in the target square. Wizards who spend an entire turn adjacent to a POOL may SCRY on an opponent. This allows LOS to the opponent, regardless of where they are, (so long as scrying wizard can see the pool). In addition to using any LOS spells on the target, the scrying wizard may also use a NUMBER card to see that NUMBER of cards (chosen randomly) in the target's hand (such use would be an ATTACK). You may only scry on one opponent on a given turn. It takes 2 movement points to cross a POOL, and it otherwise works as a PIT filled with water. Objects dropped in the POOL are lost until it is DISPELed. A BRRR spell cast at the POOL will turn it to a PATCH OF ICE, which works as an OIL SLICK with regards to movement, and removes its scrying power. (It will revert back to a POOL upon taking any fire damage).

    DOUBLE TROUBLE (neutral)

    This spell modifies another spell, which must be cast at the exact same time. It allows you to use the other spell twice on separate targets, if there are two such suitable targets available at the time of casting. If the spell is an attack, the second attack does not count towards any attack quotas. This spell may not be combined with spells that take more than one target. Caster decides which instance of the spell occurs first.

    STONE TO ICE (neutral/LOS)

    Transmutes the target stone barrier into crystal clear ice through which there is LOS, and which the points needed to destroy are 25% of the original (rounded up; ICE SQUARES take 15 points to destroy). Any fire damage at all destroys the ice, creating a WATERWALL as if STONE TO WATER had been cast on the original object.

    POWER OF GOD (neutral)

    Multiply any two NUMBER cards together for any one action.

    DECREE OF GOD (neutral)

    Specify any one card, other than NUMBER cards, and remove all instances of it from the game (including from the discard pile and the draw pile). The card named may not be an instantiated object or an extant creation.

    REPLACE SECTOR (neutral)

    Replace any one sector with an unused sector. The orientation must remain the same (i.e., the treasure markers must be in the same place between the old and new sectors). In the case of edge alterations/creations in the sector being replaced, randomly determine whether the edge alteration/creation replaces the corresponding edge feature in the new sector. REPLACE SECTOR will not affect any REDIRECTION markers that may be in place. Both sectors must be stock sectors.

    VAULT (counteraction)

    May be played as a COUNTERACTION when one of your treasures is picked up in your home sector by an opponent (even if on your home base). When played, a WALL is created in each empty edge surrounding the space the treasure is in. This spell may also be used with GUARD; in such usage, it has a similar effect when the GUARDed object is picked up.

    LICH (attack/LOS)

    Creates a LICH under control of the caster, which has 3 life points, and moves at a base rate of 3. The LICH may use one card per turn from its controller's hand (either a spell or NUMBER card (for additional movement)). The spell may be an ATTACK (but not on the turn it is created), which would not count against its controller's ATTACK quota. A LICH may not use or pick up physical objects, or make physical attacks.

    CUSHION (counteraction)

    CUSHION the blow of any damage from any source you sustain by an amount equal to the NUMBER card played. The NUMBER card may be either taken from your hand as normal, or the top NUMBER card on the discard pile may be used. In either case, add-ons such as AMPLIFY may be used in conjunction with this spell.

    OUCH! (attack/LOS)

    This nasty spell cuts the target's life points in half via magical damage (remaining life points are rounded up if the result is a fraction). For the purposes of COUNTERACTIONS such as REFLECTIONs and EMPATHYs, the loss is relative to the final target, meaning the attacker could lose more or less points than the target based on their own life points in the case of FULL REFLECTION. REFLECTION reduces each party to three quarters of their life points (again rounding up fractions).

    WATER CLOAK (object)

    While wearing this CLOAK, you are immune to all fire damage and fire effects. Additionally, when doing physical damage to an opponent (even via thrown objects), you may move the target in straight line away from you rather than doing damage points (as per WATERBOLT). However, ice-based/cold-based damage done to you is doubled (you are lucky you are not permanently MEDUSAed in this case), while earth-based damage (e.g, DESTROY WALL collateral damage) done to you destroys the CLOAK (you wouldn't be caught dead walking around the dungeon covered in mud). You may not wear more than one CLOAK at once.