My Wiz-War Cards, Set 4
21-Nov-2012; revised 21-Nov-2012

    MYOPIA (attack/LOS)

    Opponent may not trace LOS more than one space (including via add-ons such as EYE OF GOD). Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    CAVE IN (attack/LOS)

    Collapses the dungeon ceiling, raining stone debris down on everything in its radius (including the caster), doing physical damage equal to a NUMBER card played to every space-occupying target in its radius able to take such damage. This spell takes a second NUMBER card, which specifies the radius. Either may default to 1; a radius of 1 meaning only the target square is affected.

    GET REAL (neutral/counteraction/LOS)

    Transforms any illusion (even one you don't believe), into a real version of itself. This may be used in conjunction with ILLUSIONARY ATTACK (and even as a COUNTERACTION to such, if you really want to).

    COUNTERATTACK (counteraction)

    Allows you to use an ATTACK spell from your hand as a COUNTERACTION, in an attempt to prevent the original ATTACK from being possible, or hitting you. The COUNTERATTACK has precedence; for example, NO SPELL could be used to prevent a spell ATTACK. Regardless of the success of the COUNTERATTACK (which itself may be countered), the original ATTACK card is discarded. Only ATTACKS that have a chance of preventing the original ATTACK may be used (for example, BLIND may be used as there is a chance the attacker would miss; purely point-based ATTACKs could only be used if there is a chance the attacker would be killed).

    REACH THROUGH WALL (neutral)

    Allows you to reach through a wall, door, or other edge creation to perform an ATTACK that otherwise would require the target to be in the same space as you, or allows you to pick up an object in the adjacent space. Since the wall is providing the structure for your arms, this spell will not work across an empty edge.

    JAIL (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a heavy, locked stone barred GATE around the target square, in each empty edge (LOS to the target square is sufficient). Each created GATE is a separate creation, and operates like a locked door, except that there is LOS through it. Ten points of damage will destroy a GATE. A GATE is considered a stone wall for the purposes of spells which work on walls or stone, but it is half the strength of one (e.g., a DESTROY WALL would do 2 points of collateral damage).

    ZERO (counteraction)

    Strength equals NUMBER card played, with a default of ZERO. Replace any NUMBER card played at any time anywhere with this spell's strength. As this spell is a COUNTERACTION, only things along the lines of ANTI-ANTI will nullify it. Spells with ZERO durations will still have an instantaneous "main" part of their effect (e.g. a ZERO duration INVISIBLE would still work for the one attack in which it is played, then expire instantly).

    DIRT BALL (attack/LOS)

    Hit opponent with a massive DIRT BALL that does magical damage equal to double the NUMBER card played (or 2). Water-based COUNTERACTIONs (e.g. WATERWALL) may be used to halve the damage; however, the target will be a mud-covered mess, and the other wizards get to tease him.

    HOUSE OF HORRORS (neutral)

    The target sector becomes so scary that no one, including yourself, will, (or can be made to), enter it for any reason (unless they have CONVICTION), including via such powerful effects as HAND OF GOD. Those trapped in it must move towards the nearest exit (per the rules for such cards as FEAR and IDIOT), and escape if they possibly can. REMOVE CURSE will remove; FOIST can be used to FOIST it onto another sector (both require LOS to some part of the affected sector, but in the case of FOIST, not the target sector). Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    ECHO (neutral)

    Cast the top spell on the discard pile as if you were casting it from your hand (i.e., if it is an ATTACK, you must be able to attack). You may add NUMBER cards and other add-ons from your hand as normal. The card must have been previously cast (not discarded), by an opponent wizard.

    MAGIC DOOR (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a locked MAGIC DOOR in an empty edge or stone wall, or replaces a normal door (in this case it is still a creation). Anyone passing through the door is teleported to another random door in the dungeon (and may choose which side to exit). Need PICK LOCK, MIST BODY, etc. to use it, just like a normal door. It may serve as a WORMHOLE endpoint.

    VISIONBONE (neutral)

    This spell allows you to see through one wall, door, etc., more than you would normally be able to. In general, it works exactly like a VISIONSTONE; however, its effects are cumulative with a VISIONSTONE and other instances of itself. VISIONBONE and BLIND cancel each other. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    SPELL BOOK (object)

    When instantiated, number of pages equals NUMBER card played. You may place one spell per page into the BOOK from your hand. Cards placed in the BOOK are not part of your hand, for the purposes of hand quotas and other spells (e.g. CHAOS, WRAITH, THOUGHT STEAL), yet they may still be used as needed. However, the BOOK is still part of your hand, and if it is lost, all cards contained in it go with it. Fire damage destroys one page per point of damage taken. EXTEND may be used at any time to double the number of current pages. ADD with a NUMBER card will ADD pages at any time.

    SPONGE (counteraction)

    Suck up a spell after any other wizard has used it (not discarded), and take it into your hand. SPONGE has no effect on the original spell, and works regardless of the outcome of the original spell, unless an ABSORB SPELL takes it up first. SPONGE has precedence over (and thus will block), REUSE SPELL.

    HEALING (neutral/LOS)

    Add life points equal to NUMBER card played to the target wizard, creature, or object.

    C'MERE (attack)

    Target opponent is teleported to your space.


    You are empowered to call the prestigious Council of Illamoor, where all wizards are summoned to your space to discuss extremely important dungeon matters. All wizards are thusly teleported for this important and momentous event. FULL REFLECTION causes the casting wizard to be teleported to the FULL REFLECTION caster's space (while all other wizards still go to the original space; multiple FULL REFLECTIONs take precedence randomly). FULL SHIELD, and similar which fully block spell ATTACKs, allow the casting wizard to avoid participation (but he still feels terribly guilty about shirking his civic duty). SHHH! may be cast in response to nullify; ABSORB SPELL absorbs and nullifies.

    ILLUSIONARY SHIFT (neutral/attack/counteraction/LOS)

    Shifts an illusion of a given type into another of the same type. Edge and space illusions are replaced with a different edge or space illusion as chosen by the caster, as if ILLUSIONARY CREATION had been cast. Can change an ILLUSIONARY STONE into a different type (such would be an ATTACK if carried by another wizard). As a COUNTERACTION, can shift an ILLUSIONARY ATTACK to a different ATTACK spell.