My Wiz-War Cards, Set 3
09-Sep-2012; revised 09-Sep-2012

    PAIN TRAIN (attack/LOS)

    Creates a PAIN TRAIN in the target space under the control of the caster, which moves as a MIST BODY, and can move a distance equal to a NUMBER card played (or 1 space). It does a number of points of magical equal to the number of spaces it has moved from its start space to any damageable target that it encounters or passes thru. It disappears once it has completed its movement, which must be completed before the wizard who created it performs any other action. It may reverse on itself, but it will not damage the same target more than once.

    GOLDEN EGG (object)

    You have discovered the GOLDEN EGG! -- a rare and mysterious object that everyone covets, yet no one knows why. Display immediately, even if dealt. If you willingly drop it, throw it, or discard it, you suffer 6 points of magical damage; it is fragile and magic, after all. There is no penalty if one rids itself of it via other means, which include unwillingly dropping it, and spells such as REMOVE CURSE, FOIST, etc. If you walk onto it via normal movement, you must pick it up. Other than wasting a space in your hand, its effect is that everyone is so envious of you that they must attack you via any means possible as soon as they are able (including use of non-LOS attacks, INTERRUPT, EYE OF GOD, etc.); yet if not in LOS, they are not required to attempt to move into LOS to attack you.


    This spell modifies any spell or creation this is based on an element (fire, water, earth/stone, air/lightning). You may replace the element of the original with any other. For example, a FIREBALL can become a 5 point WATERBOLT; a FIREWALL a STONE WALL, a created WALL a WATERWALL, and so forth. Damage of attack spells remains the same; damage from creation transformation is consistent with other effects (e.g., a 20 point STONE WALL to WATERWALL is 2 points (with WATERWALL effects); FIREWALL is still 4 points; STONE SQUARE to water is 4 points, yet to FIREZONE is 8 points). DESTROY WALL is like "stone to air", except any other shifts to air cause no damage or other side effects (thus a FIREWALL could be turned to air and passed thru freely).

    MAGIC MIRROR (neutral/LOS)

    Transforms a stone wall segment into a MAGIC MIRROR (both sides). Anyone passing directly adjacent to it loses a movement point due to being spooked by the hideous visage within. It may serve as a WORMHOLE endpoint. May be touched to pass thru for a movement point (but are again spooked as above on the other side). DISPEL CREATION is the only spell that can affect it; all other spells cast at it either pass thru it, or are reflected at the incoming angle (and thus LOS can be "reflected"), at the option of the caster. Only 5 points of physical damage from thrown objects damages it, but cracking it does 7 turns of bad luck to the offender (left-hand opponent calls the outcome of all die rolls for their next 7 turns). It may not be created adjacent to a home base.

    BASKET (object)

    You may place any or all of your objects in the BASKET, if you want to. Objects placed in the BASKET are not part of your hand, for the purposes of hand quotas and other spells (e.g. CHAOS, WRAITH, THOUGHT STEAL), yet they still confer their effects, and can be used as normal. However, the BASKET is still part of your hand, and if it is lost, all objects contained in it go with it. Placing a BASKET in another BASKET is just too much, and attempting to do so will cause a CATACLYSM, its strength being the sum of the total objects involved (including both BASKETS, all of which are destroyed before the CATACLYSM occurs).

    GUST OF WIND (attack/neutral/LOS)

    As an ATTACK, creates a GUST OF WIND that blows opponents away from you a distance equal to the NUMBER card played (physical damage is taken for spaces that cannot be moved due to obstacles, as in WATERWALL). As a NEUTRAL, blows any object resting on the floor away from you for a distance equal to NUMBER card played; again, such movement is blocked by physical objects.

    TIME WARP (neutral)

    Game board (and placement of objects/alterations) is rolled back to how it was a NUMBER card played turns ago. Has no effect on life points or player's cards, except that objects/treasures may be added/removed from players' hands as needed to get the board right. All players will make a good faith attempt to remember how it was and get it right, realizing that time travel is an imprecise science, and things may not seem quite as they were.