My Wiz-War Cards, Set 2
01-Sep-2012; revised 09-Sep-2012

    GREEN THUMB (neutral/LOS)

    This spell may only be cast on plant creations, and is permanent unless REMOVE CURSE (etc.) removes it. Affected space-occupying plant creations will replicate themselves to a random adjacent eligible space on an Uncommon Event (with the same parameters as the original). The replicated creation will also have GREEN THUMB; however, a given contiguous patch of similar types of plants will add only one replication per patch per Uncommon Event. If the target is IVY, it will creep on a Common Event while affected.

    AGENT ORANGE (neutral)

    This spell removes all plant life from the dungeon. Additionally, any creature or player (including the caster) in the same square as a plant takes 2 points of physical damage. This spell is not an attack, and cannot be counteracted, though the damage may be.

    ATTACH (neutral/LOS)

    This spell attaches a neutral duration-type spell from your hand to a neutered STONE. The effect of that spell is permanent while the STONE is being carried, though it can be removed via REMOVE CURSE, FOIST, or similar. Thus, you could make a MIST BODY STONE if you wanted to.

    MUSCLE MAN (neutral/LOS)

    You become an incredible hulk! While so bulked up, you may carry up to two treasures, though your base movement is reduced by 1 for each treasure carried. You may pick up and carry one treasure while GRAVITY is in effect. MUSCLE MAN and WEAKNESS cancel each other. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    BEHEMOTH (attack/LOS)

    Creates a ginormous BEHEMOTH under your control which moves and attacks at a rate of 3, and has 6 life points. The BEHEMOTH is so huge that it takes up an entire square; treat it as if it has BIG MAN spell on it, except that it may attack to, and be punched from, adjacent squares, yet its teeth and claws are ineffective at damaging WALLS and DOORS.

    HOME SWEET HOME (neutral/counteraction)

    This spell allows you to teleport to any home base, but it may not be cast if you are carrying a treasure. This teleportation ends your movement.

    MASS EMPATHY (counteraction)

    Any attack done to you in any form affects every player or monster, including the original caster, regardless of LOS. For the purposes of further counteractions, you are considered the attacker. If order matters, the spells are resolved in random order. ABSORB SPELL played in response cancels it for everyone; otherwise, COUNTERACTIONS generally work on each instance of the original spell independently.

    SHHH! (neutral/counteraction)

    For the duration of this spell, no actions that require speaking may be performed. This includes casting spells, making deals and trading cards, discussing strategy or the game state, and specific cases (e.g. IDIOT). Non-spell actions such as THIEF can still occur, as the object can be taken in silence. May only be used as a COUNTERACTION to players making deals or discussing strategy, not in response to spells, as the spell has already been spoken. Only ABSORB SPELL may be used as a COUNTERACTION. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    BLOODBATH (neutral)

    Doubles everyone's attack quota for the duration of the spell (including add-ons such as ADRENALINE; INTERRUPT would allow 2 attacks, and so forth). Only ABSORB SPELL may be used as a COUNTERACTION. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    STONE TO IVY (neutral/LOS)

    Transforms a section of stone wall into a section of IVY, or a STONE SQUARE into up to 4 sections of IVY, one on each edge bordering the square where it would otherwise be possible to create IVY.

    THE BLOB (attack/LOS)

    Creates a BLOB with a base movement of 1, and initial life points of 4. When created, it is under the control of no player, and each player may move it on their turn. It does 1 point of physical damage to any wizard it comes in contact with. It will also eat any creation or object (except treasures) it comes in contact with, and when doing so, it gains 1 life point. It may attempt to move through walls to destroy edge creations. For every 2 points gained above its starting quota. It gains a movement point. Creations (including BLACK HOLEs) are destroyed before they can affect it. There is no LOS thru it. Any cold damage freezes it in place; it becomes a STONE SQUARE in this case.

    FUNGUS (attack/LOS)

    Creates a nasty killer FUNGUS on any target that can take magical damage. The affected target takes 1 point of magical damage at the start of the caster's turn, until the target is destroyed or the FUNGUS is removed. It is considered both a durational spell and a plant creation for the purposes of spells which affect such, though it does not block LOS or otherwise interfere physically. LOS to the target it is on is sufficient to target it. BLOODSTONE will cancel. ACID BATH and HOLY WATER will wash it away, though ACID BATH will still do its normal damage (ACID BATH may be used as a NEUTRAL on one's self if affected). AMPLIFY will amplify the damage it does.


    Sorry bud, you fall into a magical trap. Draw cards from the deck until a spell that can affect you, the space or adjacent edge, or act globally is drawn. The spell then affects the appropriate target (choose randomly among suitable edges if necessary). It is possible to create a creation around you or on a home base (which immediately affects you), but only if there is no other creation in that space (in which case keep drawing). A STONE SQUARE will BIG MAN you out. For spells that have, or require the decision of, a counterparty (e.g. MENTAL FORCE, TELEPATH, SWAP), your left-hand player is the counterparty, though counteractions will not affect them. If a NUMBER card was drawn immediately prior, the spell takes it if it can. Discard if dealt initially.


    Opponent is afflicted with a deadly, yet slow and subtle illness. He takes 1 point of magical damage whenever he discards a card. This spell is permanent until removed by REMOVE CURSE, etc.

    RECYCLER (neutral)

    Allows you to take any card into your hand the moment it is discarded (not used). You must still generally wait until your own turn to use the card.


    Replace any creation with any other creation of the same spatial type (i.e., only space creations may replace space creations; edge creations replace edge creations), except that the replacement may not be a monster or a BLACK HOLE.


    POWER: Create an illusionary version of any other STONE, that is in all ways identical to the original. However, if the original is in play at any time, the ILLUSIONARY STONE will explode as a 5 point FIREBALL, affecting the wizard wearing it, or the space (and everything in it) if it is on the floor. This stone is neutered if a wizard wearing it comes under the effect of CONVICTION. Once instantiated, the type of STONE may not be changed. This card is permanent, display when used.

    CREEPING DOOM (attack/LOS)

    Creates a CREEPING DOOM in the target space under the control of the caster, which moves as a MIST BODY, and can move a distance equal to double a NUMBER card played (or 2 spaces). It does 2 points of magical damage to any damageable target that it encounters or passes thru. It disappears once it has completed its movement, which must be completed before the wizard who created it performs any other action. It may reverse on itself, but it will not damage the same target more than once.

    BOOMERANG (attack/LOS)

    A physical object that does 2 points of physical damage to the target, but magically returns to its thrower after use. May be used on a target in the same square. Its return does not count as picking up an object.

    QUICK HOLE (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a lame BLACK HOLE with either duration equal to NUMBER card played (EV defaulting to 3), or EV as in a BLACK HOLE (with duration defaulting to 1 turn); this choice is specified by the caster when cast. QUICK HOLES will affect treasures, but not destroy them. A Common Event occurs immediately after the creation of a QUICK HOLE.

    HALO (neutral/counteraction)

    You become angelic, a god among wizards. While under the effect of HALO, you may not attack or cause damage in any way (including indirectly, e.g. monsters, DESTROY WALL, and so on; such attempts simply fail with the spell lost); however, any attacks done on you are FULLY REFLECTED on the caster. May only be used as a COUNTERACTION to targeted attacks at you, but, if in place before a non-targeted attack occurs (e.g. CHAOS), that attack does not affect you. Duration equals NUMBER card played; if used as a COUNTERACTION, it expires at the start of the attacker's turn.


    Place the 4 BOOBYTRAP tokens as in the BOOBYTRAP spell. When sprung, target is affected as if he encountered a MAGICAL TRAP!.

    CATACLYSM (attack)

    A massive CATACLYSM occurs! The strength of the CATACLYSM is equal to the NUMBER card played. All effects at the given strength and below occur, in ascending order. All effects that require choice occur randomly (e.g., which sector, which space). Strength = 1 => reshuffle the deck; 2 => CHAOS; 3 => ROTATE SECTOR; 4 => RECONFIGURE SECTOR; 5=> RELOCATE SECTOR; 6 => HAND OF GOD; 7 => all wizards/monsters teleport to a random space; 8+ => all treasures (carried or not) teleport to a random space. Casters wearing a BRAINSTONE may (at their option, before rolling) add a D4 to the strength.