My Wiz-War Cards, Set 1
21-May-2012; revised 01-Sep-2012

    BRRR (attack/LOS)

    Freeze opponent with an icy cold blast. Does magical damage equal to NUMBER card played. In addition, opponent is frozen (treat as if under the effect of a SLOW spell) for the duration of the played NUMBER card. While frozen, any fire-based attack or effect does no point damage (but may have other effects), and will unfreeze the target.

    CLONE (neutral/attack/LOS)

    Creates under your control, or in your possession, an identical copy of a target monster (excluding FIRE IMP and similar) or portable object (other than a treasure). If the target object is carried by an opponent, LOS to that opponent is sufficient. Note that it is possible via this spell to obtain a DEMOCRATIC MONSTER (or similar) under the control of a single player. This spell is an attack unless the target object is resting on the floor. May not be cast on objects carried by the caster, but may be on monsters controlled by the caster.


    This spell allows you to take full control of the target monster from another player (or the DEMOCRATIC MONSTER). May only be counteracted if current owner (or anyone, in the case of the DEMOCRATIC MONSTER) has LOS to the target monster.

    STONE DUD (attack/LOS)

    Neuters the targeted stone (though it can be fixed with HOLY WATER). The stone remains in the game as a physical object with no power. If the stone is carried by an opponent, LOS to that opponent is sufficient.

    BRAIN DRAIN (attack/LOS)

    Opponent loses number of cards equal to NUMBER card played (chosen randomly, including carried objects). Also, any BRAINSTONE carried is neutered (as in STONE DUD). REFLECTION splits the number, rounded up if necessary.

    JACKASS (attack/LOS)

    Opponent believes he is the dungeon mascot, a dull-witted barnyard animal. While under such an illusion, he may not win the game, the provisions of all other rules notwithstanding, except, of course, if all opponents are killed. This spell is permanent until removed with REMOVE CURSE or similar.


    Opponent drops number of carried objects equal to NUMBER card played. The objects are chosen randomly. REFLECTION splits the number, rounded up if necessary.

    FOIST (attack/counteraction/LOS)

    Allows you to remove any duration or curse-like spell on yourself (ala REMOVE CURSE), even if ?good,? and foist it onto the target opponent. There must be a target opponent in LOS, or this spell may not be cast. Similarly, allows you to ?steal? any such spell affecting an opponent, and transfer it to yourself. The parameters of the original spell remain in place. REFLECTIONs have no effect on this spell; if FULL REFLECTION (or similar) is cast, it is as if the target cast the spell originally (and in some cases, may simply nullify the spell, at the FULL REFLECTION caster?s option). If cast as a counteraction to the initial casting of the curse-like spell, it acts as a FULL REFLECTION.

    MORON (attack/LOS)

    Stupidity abounds! While under the effects of this spell, opponent may not draw cards for any reason, the provisions of any cards or rules notwithstanding. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    BACKFIRE (attack/LOS)

    Draw cards one by one from opponent?s hand and look at them until an attack card is drawn. At that point, that attack is played or cast on the opponent as if you played or cast it (though it does not count as an extra attack, and if it is an adjacent type card, or non targeted attack card (e.g. CHAOS), it is still played/cast). If the opponent has no attack cards, this spell is functionally equivalent to TELEPATH.

    VOICE OF GOD (counteraction)

    You may cast this spell to nullify any spell cast at any time, anywhere, by anyone or anything (including those spells that explicitly may not be COUNTERACTed), at the time it is cast. This spell can nullify ANTI-ANTI (but ANTI-ANTI can also be used to nullify it by the caster of the original spell).

    LANDSCAPER (neutral/LOS)

    Allows you to move any creation (other than a monster), a straight line distance equal to the NUMBER card played, ignoring all obstacles. LOS is necessary only to the target initially. The ending edge or space must be able to accept the creation (i.e., you can?t put a wall on a wall, or a bush on a home base or occupied square). Players in the path of movement may counter such movement with FORCE FIELD or similar; this stops the movement, and if there is no place for the creation to legally stop, it is destroyed.

    PYROMANIAC (neutral/LOS)

    Destroys target creation in a ball of fire; the blaze burns for the duration specified by the NUMBER card played. The fire will do magical damage equal to the points of the original target object (minimum of 1, maximum of 5), to anything in it or that passes thru it, and it will also destroy all STONES that pass thru it. The target creation must be a creation that could be dispelled by DISPEL CREATION.

    CACTUS (neutral/LOS)

    Fills the square with a prickly magic cactus with yellow flowers that blocks LOS. Anyone entering the square takes magical damage from the sharp needles equal to half the current strength of the CACTUS, and their movement ends. Physical damage done to the CACTUS damages it as normal; however, magical damage done against it adds to its strength, which starts at five points. Anyone in the square may not be attacked or attack anything other than the CACTUS.

    OIL SLICK (neutral/LOS)

    Fills the square with a gooey, oily mess, which does not block LOS. Anyone entering the square cannot change direction, and must continue in the same direction equal to the number of squares they have already moved (this does not count towards movement), even if into an obstacle. For every square they cannot move, they take one point of physical damage, and if their movement is stopped thusly, it ends while they recover their wits. Oil and water don?t mix, so no water of any kind will affect anyone in an OIL SLICK, or enter one, the provisions of other cards notwithstanding (if in doubt, assume it magically diffuses).

    CLONE CREATION (neutral/LOS)

    Allows you to clone any edge creation (e.g. created wall, but not a DESTROY WALL marker) or immobile creation occupying a square (e.g., a bush) within LOS, and create the duplicate in another location which you have LOS to, subject to the usual rules for creations. The created object is created with the same number of points as the original object.

    IVY (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a thick, green creeping wall of steely ivy on an empty edge, or covering a wall or door. A section of IVY is an impassable layered edge alteration, with no LOS thru it. Creep: The IVY will creep on an Uncommon Event; when such occurs, each IVY patch adds a section onto a random adjacent eligible edge (a patch is defined as one or more contiguous sections). It takes 7 points to destroy a section; however, any water damage done to it actually adds to its points.


    Similar to an ILLUSION WALL, allows you to create a fake version of any full-square type creation (e.g. a bush). The first time an opponent has LOS to it, they must roll, and they have a 50% chance of believing it is real for the rest of the game. You know it is fake and move thru it freely. The creation may not be a BLACK HOLE.

    GUARD (neutral/LOS)

    Allows you to attach an attack spell to a normally portable object or treasure resting on the floor. Take an attack spell from your hand (and optionally a NUMBER card if the spell takes one), and place it face down near the object. When an opponent attempts to pick up the object, they are attacked by the spell as with FILL SQUARE WITH SLIME, though if any decisions are required (e.g., MENTAL FORCE), you make them. If as a result of the spell, the opponent would no longer be in a position to pick the object up, it remains on the floor. After going off, the spell is discarded, and cannot be claimed as in REUSE SPELL.


    This spell allows you to swap any two sectors. Objects, monsters, players, treasures, home bases, and so forth remain where they are (that is, in the same absolute spatial location) and are NOT moved when the sector is moved. Wall and edge alterations move with the sector. In other words, you are reconfiguring the walls and doors of two sectors, if in doubt. Wall alterations on the edge of affected sectors are subject to the 50/50 determination as described in other sector manipulation rules/cards. This spell does not affect any REDIRECTIONs in place. Both sectors must be stock sectors.

    WORMHOLE (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a WORMHOLE endpoint between the target space and another WORMHOLE endpoint, an ILLUSION, or the bottom of a PIT. If more than one such feature exists, caster chooses the other endpoint. If no such other feature exists, the first created will complete the WORMHOLE. Takes 1 movement point to move thru it. If an endpoint s a PIT, those who fall in the PIT are transported thru (but still take damage per PIT rules); otherwise its use is optional. If the exit point is an edge feature, choose which side is exited randomly. Objects may not be thrown thru the WORMHOLE, and there is no LOS thru it. The WORMHOLE is broken if one of the endpoints is destroyed; however, if the WORMHOLE endpoint remains, it will bind to any other appropriate extant feature.

    PEACE (neutral/counteraction)

    Creates a global, blissful state of PEACE. While PEACE is in effect, no attacks of any kind may be performed (including by the FIRE IMP et. al.), nor via INTERRUPT, et. al. (unless the INTERRUPT is used to INTERRUPT the casting of the PEACE spell itself). May be used as a COUNTERACTION to neuter attacks directed at you, but when so cast, PEACE lasts until the start of the attacker?s turn. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

    SNAKE (neutral)

    You may cast any LOS spell around one or more corners (up to 180 degrees), the number of corners being equal to the NUMBER card played. If the LOS spell has multiple targets (e.g. TRADER), SNAKE can only be used to see one of them. If no NUMBER card is played, this spell is identical to AROUND THE CORNER.

    GHOST (attack/LOS)

    Creates a GHOST under command of the caster. Moves at a rate of 3, but may move as if under the effect of a MIST-BODY spell, except that it will not cross any water. Punches opponents for two points of magical damage when in the same square. It has no life points (and thus, POWER related spells and other damage spells have no meaning, except for possible side effects). Can only be destroyed by DISPEL CREATION, REMOVE CURSE, or contact with any sort of water (including HOLY WATER).


    When initially played (doing so counts as an attack), a NUMBER card and LOS attack spell must be played at the same time; this finishes the wand, though the attack spell itself is not cast at this time. The NUMBER card is the number of charges the wand has, and the attached attack spell is the effect of the wand when used for subsequent attacks. Thus, you could make a SLOW DEATH wand if you want to. If the associated spell takes a NUMBER card, one may be played each time it is used. Only the wand itself counts against your hand quota.

    HOLY WATER (object/LOS)

    Power equals NUMBER card played. Adds power in points to target player (which may be self), monster, or object, even above starting quota (includes walls, doors, bushes, and the like). May also be used to restore neutered stones, dispel GHOSTs and other undead (such use is an ATTACK), or as a COUNTERACTION against an ATTACK from an undead; in which case the undead is destroyed, regardless of its strength. It is considered water for the purposes of other rules and cards. After one use for any purpose, it is destroyed.

    PARDON ME (neutral)

    Allows you to interrupt another player's turn and take your normal movement quota, as well as play any one other card, which may be a NUMBER card for movement or an attack. No other actions may be performed (e.g., dropping, throwing, picking up objects, unless the card played allows such (e.g. HEAVE-HO). If precedence is an issue, this spell has precedence over OPPORTUNITY FIRE, but not INTERRUPT.

    CONVICTION (neutral/counteraction)

    You are imbued with great courage and cannot be bamboozled by cheesy wizardry while under the effect of CONVICTION. You are immune to the effects of FEAR, IDIOT, and similar spells that suggest you believe something ridiculous (e.g. JACKASS), and you ignore/are unaffected by any sort of ILLUSION for the duration of the spell (though belief reverts when the spell expires). If required to establish initial belief while under the effect of this spell, then disbelief is retained upon expiry. May be used as a COUNTERACTION to (or used to remove) any attacks/effects on you in the classes described above. Duration equals NUMBER card.

    GHOSTSTONE ([stone])

    POWER: This stone does not count toward your hand quota. If you are directly killed by another player, this stone is discarded, and you, after waiting one turn, come back as a GHOST to haunt that player. You move, may attack, and are killed as a GHOST. You are bound by any other restrictions a GHOST is. You may not pick up or carry any objects. You may not make physical attacks. You may only attack the player you are haunting. While you do not start with any cards, you draw, play, and discard cards as normal on your turn. A player who comes back as a GHOST via this stone may still win the game.

    STONE TO FIRE (neutral/LOS)

    Turn one wall or door section into a four point passable FIREWALL for played NUMBER card turns. Turn one STONE SQUARE into an eight point passable FIREZONE for NUMBER card turns. Upon expiry, the target is destroyed, and the space is freely passable. Note that the eight point FIREZONE, unless fully counteracted, is equivalent to a FIREBALL in terms of side effects (including, but not limited to, destroying STONES).

    MIRROR (counteraction)

    You can use this spell to counteract any spell attack cast upon you and redirect it to another target in your LOS, except the original caster (you are considered the attacker if that target counteracts). For point-based spells, this includes targets such as walls, bushes, and the like. If no suitable target of the original spell is in LOS, or such usage is otherwise nonsensical, this spell works as a FULL SHIELD.

    EYE OF GOD (neutral)

    This spell is used to modify another LOS spell. This spell removes all LOS restrictions on the original spell, including any ambient effects caused by other spells ? that is, it allows you to target the original spell anywhere on the board (subject to the usual non-LOS related rules).

    LIFE SWAP (attack/LOS)

    Swaps your current life points with those of an opponent. REFLECTION cast against this spell causes it to work as a SHARE LIFE spell. FULL REFLECTION acts as a FULL SHIELD. Other point-based counteractions and STONES act to mitigate the net point drain, if any.

    BEAUTIFUL (neutral)

    You become so radiantly beautiful that every opponent within LOS is drawn toward your shining aura and must immediately move toward your square until they reach it, even if doing so requires that they move thru dangerous obstacles. If LOS from an opponent to you is broken along the way for any reason, that opponent is no longer bound by this spell. Opponents with a VISIONSTONE may use it, or not, to maintain LOS, at their option.

    BLACK HOLE (neutral/LOS)

    Creates a vicious black hole in the target square that sucks everything in the dungeon toward it. Its initial escape velocity (EV) is 2 plus NUMBER card played. Any non-carried object or creation that makes contact with it, including treasures, is sucked in and removed from the game (before affecting anyone in the square), and its EV is increased by 1 for each. A player in its square has his base movement reduced by its EV (it can go negative), and they take 1 point of magical damage on the start of their turn. Magical damage reduces its EV, but never to below 3. On a Common Event, everything not on an edge (including bushes, etc.) move directly toward it, unless blocked by a wall or door. A CATACLYSM (strength as sum of EVs) occurs if 2 BLACK HOLES collide. There is LOS thru it.