The Philosophy Gym

book The Philosophy Gym is a book by philosophy professor Stephen Law. The subtitle is 25 short adventures in thinking. It is structured as 25 philosophical questions -- first the question is posed, then the author (presumably) takes the reader thru a philosophical/critical thinking crack at the answer. For example, the first question is Where did the universe come from?.

I say "presumably" because I have not even read the book yet. I haven't even read any of the questions except the first one. My goal with this little project is to take a stab at the questions before reading the philosophy professor's take. I'm not even sure if the questions can be answered or not.

The intent is to practice critical and rational thinking, writing, and to inject some of my personal opinions on interesting topics where appropriate. As Say Anything says, "I ain't no philosopher", but they say doing this sort of thing may help ward off Alzheimer's disease, so WTF.

I think the professor's goal was to teach rational thinking about interesting philosophical questions, I'm gonna try to do that, but I may make a stab at answering the questions also. Some of the questions may be offensive. Some of my writing may be offensive. This whole exercise may be an abject disaster. Whatever. To me, it is just another sort of puzzle to work.