Revolution #3: Trees and Grass

LOCATION:  Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park, Chester County, PA

CHALLENGE:  3 stars

DATE/NUMBER:  28-Jul-1999/13

MAP:  If you managed to locate Revolution #2: The Throne of Joy, you may be interested to know that #3 exists, although its existance may be even harder to prove.

There exists the expected location of the green mountains 116 degrees from box #2, and 83 degrees from rooms with a baby and a quarreler (RBQ). There also exists, 290 degrees from RBQ, a structure (S) from which you may view of the sort of tree that would not be out of place in the backyard of grandma's house.

There exists a place where two trees are co-linear at 196 degrees, 2 points are observable at 244 degrees, and S lies at 115 degrees.

There exists some windows (W) at 300 degrees from the farthest (as seen from the place described above) of the co-linear trees described above; there exists a big, big, tree (BBT) 152 degrees from W.

There exists 200 + 1763 230 degrees from BBT; there exists grass 35 paces and 318 degrees from there; there exists different grass 50 paces and 352 degrees further on; there exists a rock and a three-fingered bush at 40 paces and 294 degrees hence; there exists a letterbox under the rock.

NOTE 1:  If you have time after stamping up, you may wish to look for Revolution #5:The Point. Or click here for the previous box in the Revolution series.

NOTE 2:  Good amount of off-trail (fields and woods) walking is involved.

NOTE 3:  Be wary of snakes and other wildlife when reaching into dark places. No need to dig for this box. All bearings magnetic unless otherwise noted. A pace is a long stride counted on a footfall of either foot, i.e. two paces are counted each time the right foot hits the ground. Be aware of if or when there is game hunting in the area.

NOTE 4:  Please re-hide the thing well and replace the rock as you found it, and be discreet when stamping up.

DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT:  PERSONS USING THIS CLUE OR HUNTING THIS LETTERBOX DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. Do not hunt this letterbox without reading and agreeing to the waiver first. Children, do not hunt this letterbox without the supervision of an adult who has read and agreed to the waiver. Possession of this clue does not imply rights of access to particular lands and route choices, or the safety thereof, including the location of the box itself. Always observe current local regulations, signs, property rights, and customs; you are responsible for your actions. Clue not indended to be taken literally or to suggest route choices; route choices (and the choice to proceed at all), are your choice.
This clue and associated stamp art are copyright © 1999, by Randy Hall. Permission to reproduce for personal use granted; all other rights reserved.